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Lintech Seaside Facility


Lintech Seaside Facility (LSF) Provide Engineering, Fabrication, deliver the best Construction in Austral Asia region

About LSF

LSF is a subsidiary of PT Lintech Duta Pratama which is the leading EPFC facility with an extensive track record of design, shop detail drawing, mechanical/piping/structure fabrication, plate works and rubber product manufacturer more than twenty years.

For more than twenty years, the name of Lintech Duta Pratama is synonymous with excellence quality in Design Fabrication and Constructions. Strong commitment to innovative solutions, HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment), total reliability, timely deliveries and expert project management ensure that our reputation is trusted and valued by our international client.

Besides our proven expertise in the sectors of fabrication and construction for mining and rubber products, we are also recognized as a specialist in niche markets such as buoy marine, fender, bollard and mooring dolphin. We are a company characterized by a willingness to learn, to innovate and implement new ideas, technology, systems and processes ultimately to improve upon our service quality for the betterment of our customers.


Lintech Seaside Facility

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